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They say that the most successful people prepare for their week on Sundays. Whenever I get a handle on what my week is going to look like, I feel like I can tackle more and be more productive.

Whether it be meal planning and going grocery shopping or knowing what client meetings I have or who we’ll be interviewing on the podcast, I like to know the lay of the land before my week starts so when Monday comes, I know generally what my week might look like.

So, where does this leave us??

We’re so excited because this week, you’ve raised your hand and you’re saying YES to having a cash injection in your business. What does that have to do with Sunday? All the things!

Look at your calendar now and carve out a 30 minute chunk of time each day when you’ll look at the Cash Injection Challenge materials and you’ll take action.

The people who get the most results from their actions during the Cash Injection Challenge. Sticking it through until the end is to your benefit. You can totally earn $$$ on top of winning $$$!

We’ve made you the step by step workbook to get ready for what’s to come.


PS. If you’re the instagramming type, make sure to tag me @reinaandcompany and use the hashtag #cashinjectionchallenge