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The Vertical method is the solution to “What am I supposed to talk about?”

Do you feel like you know a lot of things and could talk about, create content for, or educate on for days. If you got asked to be on a podcast you’d be super jazzed and you’d raise your hand to say, “I’ll talk about whatever it is you want me to talk about,” or you have an opportunity to write a guest blog post and you’re drawing a blank on what you should write about #justellmewhattowrite

The Verticals method thing that will open up simple solutions for your business whenever you need to create content or create a new product.

It’s going to be the easy test for you to be able to decide “yes, I will work on this,” or “nope, that has no place in my business right now.”

Grab the workbook to get started. You can also make a copy of my Trello board to put this method into action.