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It’s time to Set Better Goals.

Here’s what I know.

  • You’re a list-maker and you’ve got one for dayssss.
  • You sat down to write your big goals for the year. But every year those goals get put on the back burner and you’re frustrated that you didn’t accomplish them.
  • You have lots of ideas but you’re not sure where exactly you need to focus your attention.
  • You know you should have content planned but most of the time you’re just flying by the seat of your (yoga) pants.

NO MORE, friend.

You can be organized.

You’ll be clear headed because you have a plan.

Have a path to follow each time you sit down to work because you know what the next thing you need to focus on is by the time you get there.

All those BIG dreams are possible if you have the right tools to get you organized to Set AND Stay on top of your goals!

I’ve put together ALL the templates I use in my business into one place.

It has:
A Revenue Projection Template (Plan where your money is coming from in 2018)
A Content Map (and how to make sure it leads to the products you are wanting to sell)
Annual Calendar of Focus (So you know what you’re supposed to be doing at what point in the year)
 Quarterly Goals (The plan to follow any time when you get lost or confused)
Project Planning Template (Once you have an idea for a project, you can break it down to make sure it happens)
Your Ideal Week (Figure out how your business fits into your life not the other way around)
CEO Report (My favorite tip for how to get data so you can plan more effectively)