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Set Better Goals – $77

You need tools to get organized and focused in your business. We’re sharing the seven templates that we use for Reina + Co and for our clients to create sustainability + profitability for successful business owners. 

Cash Injection Challenge – $27

Impement the strategies that I use in my business to increase the cash flow in my business in a heart-centered way. You want to make more money without the guilt and ick. You totes can!

Selling with Generosity Vault – $147

Do you sometimes feel like a used car salesman when shilling your offers? You don’t want to come across as pushy to potential customers or clients, but you can’t help feeling icky about self-promo. Here’s the truth: you shouldn’t! Selling can be generous, which is why we created the Selling With Generosity series!

Social Glue Playbook – $27

Are you ready to make a real difference in your business? Are you ready to stop feeling alone and start building a tribe? Then its time for the ultimate Social Glue Playbook!

Forget the Rest – $19

Forget The Rest is a 5 day challenge to create your stand-out message that will make your competition doesn’t matter.

Conferencing Better- $99

How do you make the most out of our conference attendance? This course makes sure your post-conference attendance isn’t just tossing notes in a drawer and having 30 new Facebook friends. Let’s go beyond that!