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Create Your Stand-Out Message that Will Make Your Competition Doesn’t Matter.

During this challenge, we’ll will walk you through:

  • Building Your Evidence of Awesomeness. You’ll articulate what makes you, your work, and your brand unique and sparkly.
  • Creating Evidence of Need. How to find out exactly who your dream clients are and what they want to buy from you – so you can almost guarantee your offers will garner a “HECK YES, SIGN ME UP!”
  • Shining the Spotlight on YOU. While running a business can feel like a popularity contest, we’re turning it around to build a business that feels more like being in your own skin than feeling like you have to put on an act.
  • My Proven Hopscotch Client Speak System. This secret strategy will reveal the unique way you work with your clients and get clear on their UGH😱 + AHH🤩 to it to make sure that it’s exactly the offer your clients want.
  • Overcoming Fear and Creating a Star Mindset. Just because we put together your message, doesn’t mean the fear goes away! So we’ll walk through 3 practices that you can put into place in your life and in your business, and grow your CEO muscles!


Through Reina’s Signature Program, Dreamy Client Magnet, creative entrepreneurs get laser focused so they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it all. She is an ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author, and Podcaster.

When not fully immersed in her company, you’ll find her supporting students and Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  Reina’s work has been featured on the top charts of iTunes Podcasts, the, Influencer Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Brit + Co, The Huffington Post, and the Rising Tide Society. Find out where you should be focusing your business over at


Welcome to Forget the Rest!

  • Workbook for Forget the Rest
  • You’re in the right place! 

Part 1: Evidence of Awesome

  • Evidence of Awesome 

Part 2: Evidence of Need

  • Evidence of Need

Part 3: Inventory of You

  • Inventory of You

Part 4: Sparkle Factor

  • Sparkle Factor ✨

Part 5: Fighting the Doubt Bugs

  • Fighting the Doubt Bugs