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Today you’re crafting an offer that they can’t resist. It’s the ONE that you decided on during Day 2.

We’re not going for the “Most robust offer” Championships. We’re going for something that you can whip up in a day and offer value to your customer or client.
Don’t make this so complicated that you’ll put it off. Creating the offer can be as simple as deciding to outline in a google doc what you’re going to offer, how you’ll offer it. Don’t worry about putting that offer out into the world yet.

You’ll want to get clear on who it’s for, what you need in order to offer it to the world.

Ex: You’re planning on offering a design intensive service where you will be available for somebody between 10am-2pm on one particular day to knock out all their small design projects.

  • You’ll need an email where you outline what the client can expect, what they’ll get from the session.
  • You will need to create a form that collects information about any pre-work that needs to be done and where to meet.

Ex: You’re have a notebook that you have a surplus of that you’d like to create a cash injection around, you can create more of a buzz by creating a visibility campaign for it, focusing more of your attention on that product than any of your others for a week, showing how different people use it or different purposes for the product.

  • Identify which item you’ll feature focus
  • Decide if you need to take new photos for the items
  • Create new copy to spotlight the products
  • Create a plan to post on social media or to send an email to your list

Do you need the workbook? You can find it here! (It’s fillable!) We’ve also included in there for you how to accept payment. Even if you have a juicy offer, if you can’t take money besides a check or cash in person, you’ll miss out on a big chunk of the revenue you can be earning. Let’s get you squared away on the payment front too.

I’m going to leave you with this. STOP OVERTHINKING THIS OFFER.