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I’m going to challenge you this week to lean into what you already have. This Cash Injection Challenge isn’t about creating a brand new thing, or that course you’ve been meaning to create (although that’s great too!).

This challenge is meant to leverage what you already have and make that front and center.

As my friend-tor (mentor and friend), Nikki Elledge Brown says, “You cannot sell a secret.” #truth

You already have something right now that people can pay for and need. Leveraging what you have means that you can implement this challenge over and over and over in your business because that leverageable area becomes bigger the longer you’re in business.

Today your challenge is to brainstorm 30 ways you can create revenue in your business THIS WEEK. I know 30 seems like a huge number but this is meant to get your creativity flowing.

If you haven’t done day one, make sure you go back and do your journaling before you tackle today’s exercise. Grab the workbook below!

Having fun? Me too!