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Rise and Shine, Sunshine!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (which by signing up for this challenge, you totally have), is to get crystal clear on why you want more $$$.


When you know that you want more money but you don’t know how much or what it’s going toward, you won’t make it.  If you’re heart-centered, it’s probably true that you’re in it to help. You love serving people well. But maybe you are giving giving giving but you’re not getting anything in return. While it makes you happy to help people, it also makes you feel busy all the time and resentful. You might be thinking, “when will I get the big break!?” And as you look around at people who are doing amazing, you get frustrated and sad that that isn’t your reality.

Getting paid for your knowledge, skills, product are what make you a business owner. When somebody invests money, it’s a different energetic commitment than signing up to get something for free.

If you set your sights on a specific amount for a specific purpose, you’ll be able to work toward creating it or telling the Universe you’re ready to receive it (if you believe in Universal intelligence, Law of Attraction goodness). No matter what you believe, however, it’s vitally important to know what the purpose of the money you want is.

We’re not just saying that you need to have the winning lottery ticket. In order to get out of a funky head space, it’s good to see the cash rolling into your account. Whether it’s $50, $100, $500, or 1,000, you know that if you’ve earned it, you’re feeling pretty good about it.

TAKE ACTION: 15 minutes of journaling

We have suggestions in the workbook about the questions you might want to journal on.