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You Can’t Sell a Secret

Often, what happens with creatives is that we KNOW we have something to sell and something of value to provide but we just don’t put it out there. Not today, friend. Today is ALL about making the offer (which is a different take on “asking for the sale” which might feel a little icky to you). We’re going to focus on positioning the offer, getting it in front of the right people and actually letting them know what’s for sale.

Focus on remembering that the person who is your potential client/customer is going to benefit from having that service/product of yours. Additionally, this person is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and can make empowered decisions on her own.

When you’re making the offer, make sure you make the offer about THEM and not about how much you want/need this. This might be super lame and simple but it’s an important fact.

What was your goal??

Remember the financial goal you set on day 1. As you’re making the offers, remember the reason  you set the financial goal and what receiving that money will do for your business and your life. Focusing on the outcome from the cash injection will help you to get energetically prepared for the money to come into your business.